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>>> Hello at all,
>>> the community and developer at FreeBSD seem to know, that SMBv1 for
>>> clients is nearly over and that the included mount_smbfs doesn't support
>>> newer versions. So good, so far...
>>> So I can find multiple information about the situation, but no clear
>>> path on how FreeBSD community and developer will go on to solve this
>>> missing function. (Just got the information on:
> Can someone give a quick big picture? What would this mean for someone e.g.
> wanting to build an enterprise file server? Can FreeBSD currently serve (I see
> latest samba413 is in ports), but not connect as client to other (newer) servers?
> Thanks

The problem is using FreeBSD as an SMB client. SMBv1 is possible through
mount_smbfs. SMBv2+ is possible with gvfs and smbnetfs from fuse. SMBv1
has some bad security issues (thats' why everyone is switching to
SMBv2+) and MS Windows 10 switched to SMBv2+ meaning, SMBv1 is not
supported by default.

The fuse module is known be slow and unstable. I read the "unstable" and
"slow" argument for gvfs too, but have only tested the fuse module.
Third party packages are also problematic when using with /etc/fstab
(there seem to be some workarounds with extension scripts).

So to use freebsd as an SMB client would need to extend the mount_smbfs
module or invest time to speed up smbnetfs/gvfs to make it usable.

For an enterprise file server serving samba is no problem as far as I
know and as long as you don't need to mount SMB sources to serve the data.

Anyone might want to correct me, if my collected information are wrong. :-)

>> Two days with no response... I suggest trying the freebsd-hackers list
>> instead, or the freebsd-arch list if that doesn't work, and my last
>> guess would be freebsd-current. Only try one list at a time.
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