(very OT) Ideal partition schemes (history of partitioning)

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> >> On Sun, 30 Aug 2020 17:21:26 +0200, Polytropon wrote:
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> >>> Rule: "Better have 100 photos and select 10 good ones, instead
> >>> of having only 10 photos which are all crap." ;-)
> >>
> >> The averaged 36 photos and then replacing the film cartridge gave
> >> holiday as well as professional photographers the opportunity to think.
> >> They not necessarily used this opportunity, let alone that some used
> >> very long films for way more than 36 photos.
> >>
> >
> > Completely incorrect about professional photography (at least after
> > autowinders became available):
> >
> The last (5) is equivalent of an expert (I am just replacing the word
> “professional” by what it implies), whereas (3) though quite likely to
> declare being an expert, most likely is not.
> Those are my humble observations. Of a person never considering oneself an
> expert, though often knowing what I know and what I don’t.

I never claimed to be a professional photographer (I barely can take a
non-out of focus/stable shot half the time).   I was only talking about
what I have observed in situations where I have had an opportunity to
observe how the pros did stuff compared to amateurs and in photography
burning film like no tomorrow once you have what might be a good shot to
get that "perfect" shot is something I have seen time and time again.   So
if you want to call my direct observations being a loose cannon be my
guest.   I will say it sure took a huge leap on someone's behalf to take
what I said as a claim that I was ever a professional photographer or even
claimed to be.
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