(very OT) Ideal partition schemes (history of partitioning)

Ralf Mardorf ralf-mardorf at riseup.net
Sun Aug 30 20:37:51 UTC 2020

On Sun, 30 Aug 2020 14:23:54 -0400, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
>1. In photoshoots (modeling or otherwise) once they got the rough
>pose/layout they wanted they would be shooting away as fast the
>autowinder would move puring roll after roll of film to get that
>"perfect" shot (watch any video of photoshoots before digital came in
>but after autowinding)

For my taste this kind of photography is crap.

>2. As a student reporter I covered the anti-war protests on the first
>night of first Gulf War in San Francisco with hand cranked my 35mm
>Cannon (no idea of the model number) and in the course of the night
>used 4 rolls 500 ASA film and one roll of 1000 ASA film (which I
>bought off a professional news photographer).  I noticed that every
>single one of the professional news photographers was shooting at
>least one roll of a scene that I took one (or maybe) two snapshots off
>due to the lack of film.

There might be good reasons to sometimes shoot a lot of photos of one
or the other scene and sometimes there are ethical reasons to take no
photo of some scenes at all. However, nowadays television news show
videos made with smart phones by amateurs and very often it's
unimportant for documentation, it's just offending human dignity.
Sensation-seeking isn't the same as documentation. After the news
probably a documentation about curious outlookers, upskirt photography
and other annoyances is shown ;).


On Sun, 30 Aug 2020 20:11:45 +0200, Polytropon wrote:
>Maybe I should have used better words: There actually is a
>difference between photo and snapshot

Some vacationists don't take photos, they prefer to draw and paint ;).



Some photographers might need TiBs of storage for good reasons, so huge
GPT drives might make sense.

Other people should consider to stop making fashion photography,
sensation-seeking photography, upskirt photography, selfies etc. and
data volume might decrease rapidly to an amount that can be handled
using MBR.

Medical recordings are important and might require TiBs of storage.
Collecting data by fitness trackers for self-optimisation is data waste
that shouldn't exist.

However, my opinion is unimportant, if people like to make fashion
photos and fitness tracking, they should do so, it's still not likely
that this alone requires more than a few 2 TiB devices with 4 or less
primary partitions. I'm not speaking against GPT, I just try to explain
that MBR usually isn't bad.

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