Wayland on FreeBSD

令狐月弦 lionfoxyx at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 08:08:07 UTC 2020

Steve O'Hara-Smith wrote:
>> TL;dr; due to a royal F'up in basic storage system architecture Linux is
>> unusable outside of data centers for any sort of cloud computing whereas
>> FreeBSD doesn't even blink an eye in such environments.   So you tell me
>> which one is more modern and useful?
> 	Linux supports NFS (since forever) and FreeBSD supports iSCSI
> (since 10.0) - the problem you describe is very real but it isn't a
> Linux/FreeBSD issue but what seems to be a very inappropriate use of iSCSI.

And, so many application layer storage solutions available such as 
webdav drive (GMX, t-online, yandex etc) and rclone for google drive. My 
10GB SSD VPS has google drive mounted by rclone, can use unlimited 
storage provided by gsuite.


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