I see no way to convert LBA to disk position

Artem Kuchin artem at artem.ru
Wed Apr 1 09:54:39 UTC 2020

I am having troubles with my mail system - i do not see about half of 
all messages in the freebsd listrs

and they are not in spam.

So, i will answer to myself and others

1. About writing zeroes to reset pending sectors:

My mistakes. It is not related to smart specs. It is just how people do 
it. Probably because it is easy to write

zeros and read them back to check. /dev/urandom is not good for that.

But i think any write will trigger remapping or repair.

2. About LBA->sector  offset question

I found this on man page for smartctl:

Because of the limitations of the SMART  error log,
if the LBA is greater than 0xfffffff, then either  no
error  log  entry will be made, or the error log entry will have
an incorrect LBA.  This may happen for drives  with  a  capacity
greater than 128 GiB or 137 GB.

Now, lets see in binary what i have in smart and what i have in reality

in smart


in reality


So, as you see,  the real LBA address is

10010 concat 1011 00111110 11011110 00001000

So, there is just not enough bits to store and show full LBA address.

The smart log conrain onky 28 bits if LBA - it is ATA-1 spec of 1986!!! 
The disk itself is ATA-8 specs

and has 48 bit LBA.

This specs (ATA-8):


in A.15.1 Overview says "The Summary SMART Error log supports 28-bit 
addressing only."

and The value of the Summary SMART Error log version byte shall be 01h

smartctl shows error log version 1 for my disk, it is summary error log 
with only 28bit LBA

Next version of log: comprehensive error log (02h) - and it is also only 
28 bit LBA.

The next version of log if EXTENDED comprehensive error log (03h) - and 
only this error log has 48 bit LBA.

However, my disk DOES include EC error log! Then i looked at the 
smartctl man page to see why i don't

see it and i found my mistake.

-a option does not include -xerror

but -x option - does

So,smartctl -x /dev/ada2 shows

SMART Extended Comprehensive Error Log Version: 1 (1 sectors)

Error: WP at LBA = 0x12b3ede08 = 5020507656

Whis is exactly what i found myself  (512 block) -  5020507656

 From there it is easy to check if it is used by a file:

# gpart show

=>        34  5860533101  ada2  GPT  (2.7T)
           34           6        - free -  (3.0K)
           40         128     1  freebsd-boot  (64K)
          168     8388608     2  freebsd-swap  (4.0G)
      8388776  5852144352     3  freebsd-ufs  (2.7T)
   5860533128           7        - free -  (3.5K)

5020507656- 8388776 = 5012118880

This is our 512K block relative to filsystrem start (ada2p3 in my case)


fsdb /dev/ada2p3

findblk 5012118880

if result is empty then it is not allocated

since the real sector is 4096 then we need to write zeros (or something) 
to 8 secots starting from 5012118880

# enable writing to raw devices

sysctl -w kern.geom.debugflags=16

# write to raw device offset  !!! NOT TO FS OFFSET

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada2  oseek=5020507656  count=8

# disable write to raw device

sysctl -w kern.geom.debugflags=0

Voila! no pendig sectors and, in my case, no relocated too. Probably 
power glitch while write.


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