Installation image size for CD exceeds media size

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at
Sat Nov 30 22:56:43 UTC 2019

On Sat, Nov 30, 2019 at 11:03 PM Polytropon wrote:
> > Look look you can get a sealed 5 pack for EUR 5.99 on they are
> > really cool like 80's futuristic cyberpunk optical disks with
> > gigabytes (!!!) of capacity..
> Remembers me to MiniDisc (MD) - smaller than today's 5.25"-oriented
> optical media, comes in protective case, and is R/W. If I could have
> _that_ form factor with a reasonable capacity for today, that would
> be great. :-)

Yea! But these MD's were only 140MB in capacity? Those small DVD+RW
are 8cm in diameter and contains 1.4GB storage capacity. They are
fully compatible with standard DVD recorder. They do in fact remind me
those nice MD disks this is why still use them :-) Each one of them
has its own small plastic casing but then you put only the disk into a
drive so its compatible with "tray" drives. They will not work with
Mac and Playstation "sucking" drives though because they are too

> Yes, I know even 3" disks existed, I have one sitting on the shelf
> above my head, becasue I'm a living museum. :-)

Compact Floppy Disk? CF2? :-) :-)

> Oh, and a Mac Mini is about the size of a standard 5.25" DVD drive
> unit for PCs. :-)

True :-) However those small DVD+RW's are too small for "sucking"
drives like MacMini has.. and you better not try if they work ;-P

> > and remember that current Atari 5.25"
> > disks are 160KB single sided and barely anyone owns a disk drive
> > anyway here in Eastern Europe behind the Iron Curtain so we quite
> > often share a software directly over a public FM radio broadcasts to
> > store them on our CC/MC cassette streamers.. mmmm old good times :-)
> > :-) :-)
> I'm old enough to remember that - oh, and of course I have the
> required hardware in working condition. You can easily imagine
> how _disappointing_ it is to own hardware that is several decades
> old and works like new, while seeing hardware not older than a
> few years break down without the ability of diagnostics or repair.

Exactly!! This is why I stick to FreeBSD because I really believe and
feel the Unix spirit in here.. I just really hope it will never turn
into Linux / Android / Windows :-)

My friends wrote some games for 8-bit Atari. I have not 3 custom
cartridges. I just power on the Atari and boom the game is just here
up and running.. on a machine from 1987 with zero maintenance :-)

Unfortunately my 16-bit Amiga already refused to power-on some time
ago what can indicate that power supply and the mainboard needs a

With modern hardware it seems they even do not beta test it anymore,
because time to market and marketing set schedules that are too
abstract for reasonable design production and validation.

What we really need in a short time span is a fully Open-Source mobile
phone.. probably FreeBSD based.. we can see how Linux turned into with
Android real-time-surveillance platform :-(


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