loca;_unbound logfile

starikarp at dismail.de starikarp at dismail.de
Fri Nov 29 21:49:24 UTC 2019

I am using local_unbound from base OS for DNS over TLS and it  works. I
try to setup logfile. In
unbound.conf I have:

# This file was generated by local-unbound-setup.
# Modifications will be overwritten.
    username: unbound
    directory: /var/unbound
    chroot: /var/unbound
    pidfile: /var/run/local_unbound.pid
    auto-trust-anchor-file: /var/unbound/root.key
    logfile: /var/log/unbound.log
    log-queries: yes
include: /var/unbound/forward.conf
include: /var/unbound/lan-zones.conf
include: /var/unbound/control.conf
include: /var/unbound/conf.d/*.conf

I added just two lines related to log.
And local-unbound-checkconf shows that are no errors in
/var/unbound/unbound.conf but directory is empty

Thank you.

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