Sending Tcsh to packages/ports ...

RW rwmaillists at
Fri Mar 29 02:35:36 UTC 2019

On Fri, 29 Mar 2019 07:36:49 +0530
Mayuresh Kathe wrote:

> Couldn't you have simply done;
> ls -lh *csh
> instead?

ls -lh strongly suggests they are the same file, but
ls -i shows that they have the same inode and so are hard-linked.

> Doesn't matter that it is small, why have stray stuff lying around?

> >> "bash". To top that, the installer asks me to choose between "csh"
> >> and
> >> "tcsh" in-spite of being the same binary.

Just because they are the implemented in the same binary doesn't mean
that they behave the same when run as csh and tcsh.

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