ZFS replication suggestions

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Sat Jun 22 03:21:54 UTC 2019

mike tancsa writes:
 > I have a new project coming up with replication.  In the past, I have
 > used various scripts out of ports, but was wondering what people are
 > using these days to sync their ZFS files systems between servers ?  It
 > will be about 10-40G in daily diffs.  Would like to send every 5-10 min
 > or so. Files being slightly out of sync for a short period of time is
 > not a big deal eg. in case of total failure on one box (e.g both power
 > supplies die) missing some data for a period of short time is tolerable

I've been playing with [sanoid] for generating/pruning snapshots on a
remote machine, `syncoid` from the same package for "pull" syncing
from the remote machine to a FreeNAS system, and [sanoid] on the local
backup server solely to prune the snapshots.  It's working reasonably
well (e.g. I just got a weird email (cron) about it failing to remove
something, but it's gone on the next iteration, so....).

I've submitted [a bug report][new-ports] that contains a release port
and a devel port.  Any help getting it committed would be most

I also have both ports in my ["personal ports tree"][my-ports], it's
intended to be layered over the full ports tree with e.g. portshaker.


[sanoid]: https://github.com/jimsalterjrs/sanoid
[new-ports]: https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=238584
[my-ports]: https://github.com/hartzell/freebsd-ports/tree/master/sysutils

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