ZFS replication suggestions

Paul Mather freebsd-lists at gromit.dlib.vt.edu
Sat Jun 22 14:58:49 UTC 2019

mike tancsa <mike at sentex.net> wrote:

> I have a new project coming up with replication.? In the past, I have
> used various scripts out of ports, but was wondering what people are
> using these days to sync their ZFS files systems between servers ?? It
> will be about 10-40G in daily diffs.? Would like to send every 5-10 min
> or so. Files being slightly out of sync for a short period of time is
> not a big deal eg. in case of total failure on one box (e.g both power
> supplies die) missing some data for a period of short time is tolerable
> ??? ---Mike

I have been using sysutils/zrepl for replicating ZFS filesets from several  
systems to a backup machine.  It is very flexible, supporting several  
transports; several job types (push, pull, etc.); several pruning options;  
separate pruning schedules for sending and receiving sides.  It is designed  
to tolerate downtime on both the sending and receiving side.  Underlying  
synchronisation is via ZFS snapshots and ZFS send/recv.

It appears to be under active development.  A possible downside is that it  
might be seen as more involved to set up (due to flexibility), but the  
documentation is good and examples are provided.



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