freebsd, multiple jails, each ipv6 addressable and with pf

David Mehler dave.mehler at
Mon Jun 3 13:32:40 UTC 2019


I've got a Freebsd 12.0 system that has a single public ipv4 and a
single? (I think) ipv6 address also public. Right now I've got a
cloned interface and a pf nat setup so that any jailed hosts on that
interface will get out to the internet and internet traffic can get to

Currently just a web server is up and I've only atempted to get to it
via ipv4, which works fine.

My questions, are my pf is not doing anything with ipv6 packets at the
moment so does that mean what I'm thinking that the block all rule
explicitly blocks them? Second, also on pf I want to have a rule pair,
for each ipv4 rule that allows access i'd like to have an ipv6 rule
that also allows access.

Also, how do I assign an ipv6 address to this host? The realm of ipv6
is quite new to me.


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