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Wed Aug 7 04:16:27 UTC 2019

You have read the handbook?


5.6.2. Configuring Remote Access


That's if I understand your musings correctly?

On 7/08/2019 10:44 am, hw wrote:
> MJ <mafsys1234 at> writes:
>> The archives contained here:
>> Assuming you're amd64 based. Extract them into that directory.
> Yes, thanks!  It can't get any easier :)
> I got it to work today, so I can PXE boot FreeBSD and kinda *jump* users
> into an xfreerdp session on the xrdp server right after they logged in
> at the console, abusing startx as login shell and a suitable .xinitrc in
> their home directories mounted via NFS.
> What I couldn't get to work is XDM doing that for me, which seemed to be
> the way it ought to be done.  Like a machine would PXE boot and show XDM
> and a user logs in and instead of XDM starting a window manager, it
> starts xfreerdp --- which also raises the question how I could avoid
> requiring the user to log in twice after getting XDM to work somehow.
> For the record, the Thinstation stuff didn't work at all.  It was
> impossible to create a bootable image (perhaps Fedora is an incompatible
> host system), and even the VM image they supply to make images is not
> bootable (which otherwise should be compatible so that bootable images
> can be made ...).  So save your time and go to FreeBSD instead.
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