how to install into a directory

hw hw at
Wed Aug 7 00:44:46 UTC 2019

MJ <mafsys1234 at> writes:

> The archives contained here:
> Assuming you're amd64 based. Extract them into that directory.

Yes, thanks!  It can't get any easier :)

I got it to work today, so I can PXE boot FreeBSD and kinda *jump* users
into an xfreerdp session on the xrdp server right after they logged in
at the console, abusing startx as login shell and a suitable .xinitrc in
their home directories mounted via NFS.

What I couldn't get to work is XDM doing that for me, which seemed to be
the way it ought to be done.  Like a machine would PXE boot and show XDM
and a user logs in and instead of XDM starting a window manager, it
starts xfreerdp --- which also raises the question how I could avoid
requiring the user to log in twice after getting XDM to work somehow.

For the record, the Thinstation stuff didn't work at all.  It was
impossible to create a bootable image (perhaps Fedora is an incompatible
host system), and even the VM image they supply to make images is not
bootable (which otherwise should be compatible so that bootable images
can be made ...).  So save your time and go to FreeBSD instead.

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