Document/collaboration server advise needed

Oleg Cherkasov o1e9.cherkasov at
Tue Jan 23 20:20:26 UTC 2018

On 22. jan. 2018 21:52, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
> Dear All,
> Three groups of scientists need to write documents collaboratively. They 
> are going to use MS PowerPoint, Word, also store PDF files. They want to 
> be able to add external people from other groups they collaborate with 
> and give them access to some areas or "projects". In other words, they 
> want some collaborative work environment, mostly to work on documents.
> In the past scientists were using TeX, and one of version control 
> systems (CVS, subversion,...). And all was great, as TeX files (pretty 
> much like programs software developers write) are ASCII text files, and 
> diff of two version is rather small...

If users are familiar with LaTeX/TeX then definitely try service.  For decent size of the documents it is 
free and if you need some extra project security then service has almost 
everything you need in paid version.  I have very positive experience 
with it so really recommend it to try.  I am not sure if they have an 
open source version you may install in your premises but you may ask for it.


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