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El día Friday, February 16, 2018 a las 10:47:03AM +0100, Polytropon escribió:

> I also fully understand that Apple doesn't want me to be able
> to easily transfer files from (or to) the iPad except with
> their tools, but I don't care what Apple wants. That's why
> the "recommended solutions" don't work for me because:
> 1. I won't buy a Mac.
> 2. I won't buy a new PC plus a license of "Windows".
> 3. I won't give out any personal identification information
>    to Apple or MICROS~1 in order to "register".
> 4. I won't register at a "cloud" storage provider.
> So please no suggestions to "just" use iTunes.

My suggestion:

Don't use an iPhone. Use an OpenSource mobile like UPports running
Ubuntu, see , or Purism's librem-5, see

I have the first one since 2015 (and you just SSH into it) and ordered
the 2nd one too.


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