File fransfer from iPad to FreeBSD

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Sun Feb 18 11:09:51 UTC 2018

On 02/16/18 21:52, Polytropon wrote:

> I know that BlueTooth does exist, but I have never (!) used
> it before. So there definitely will be a learning curve. :-)

Yes, but that's not going to be steep.
There's a dedicated page in the FreeBSD Handbook and that's the only 
source I've ever had to look into.

> When I install obexapp, what machine will be in control? The
> iPad or the FreeBSD laptop?

Obexapp will sit there and wait in the background.
After you have the two device paired, on the iPad you can "share" (read 
"send") the pictures to the FreeBSD machine and they'll appear in the 
directory you specified in obexapp's config (either in /etc/rc.conf or 
on the command line).

Notice I'm not saying this is your best option (and it will be slow); 
the advantage is you'll install very little on the FreeBSD-side and 
nothing on the iOS side (which IIRC was one of your main issue).


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