Problem with poudriere after updating to FreeBSD 12

Carmel NY carmel_ny at
Mon Dec 17 15:02:28 UTC 2018

On Mon, 17 Dec 2018 14:45:03 +0000, Matthew Seaman stated:

>On 17/12/2018 14:24, Carmel NY wrote:
>> On Mon, 17 Dec 2018 14:12:31 +0000, Matthew Seaman stated:
>>> On 17/12/2018 13:57, Carmel NY wrote:  
>>>> So, I guess what I want to know is why is this error happening and how
>>>> do I correct it? I wanted to completely empty the repository but I don't
>>>> know how to do that safely. Other than that, how do I force poudriere to
>>>> do a complete rebuild of all the installed ports on this system using the
>>>> correct information?  
>>> Update the poudriere jail to match your new OS version -- otherwise
>>> you'll end up building 11.x packages to install onto a 12.x system.  It
>>> often turns out easiest/quickest to just delete the jail and re-install
>>> the new one.
>>> Poudriere will realise that the jail version has changed and will
>>> rebuild everything for you.  However, to be super safe, use the '-c'
>>> option to your 'poudriere bulk' command, which cleans out the package
>>> repository before rebuilding it.  This will rebuild _everything_ in your
>>> repo, so allow plenty of time.
>>> 	Cheers,
>>> 	Matthew  
>> My second approach was to delete the jail and then recreate it. That did
>> not seem to do the trick though. I will try the "-c" options to see if it
>> will rebuild everything.
>> Thanks :)
>Make sure that your .../pkg/repo/repo.conf file uses the $(ABI) token 
>rather than spelling out your OS ABI explicitly -- or else don't have 
>any version related parts to your repo path at all.  Also, if your repo 
>is served via a web server, check your webserver config to make sure 
>your repo isn't pointed at an old set of packages.
>	Cheers,
>	Matthew

I don't have that file. I do have a "/usr/local/etc/pkg/repos 

## poudriere repository file

poudriere: {
   url: "file:///usr/local/poudriere/data/packages/12amd64-default",
   mirror_type: NONE,
   enabled: yes

Actually, I just changed it. It was set to the old package directory. BTW, is
this actually listed anywhere? I never noticed it in the "UPDATING to FreeBSD
12.0-RELEASE info.



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