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Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Tue Aug 21 19:59:10 UTC 2018

On Tue, 21 Aug 2018 11:20:41 +0530, Balaji Balaji wrote:
>         This  Server PC is comes in Toshiba MRI excelart Vantage model and
> boot from Host PC

I'm sorry, I don't understand what "the server PC boots from
host PC". Is this some network booting? Or from local storage?

>          There was problem in server PC hard disk degraded so we rebuild
> after rebuild Server PC boot without error

Very good. So there is a hard disk with a fresh installation
(or from backup)?

>          we connected the Server PC in MRI System and from Host PC we tried
> to connect but failed
>          and found that Server PC is not booting

Okay, now it becomes more clear:

You're using a "host PC" to connect to the "server PC",
and you're using SSH / telnet for this purpose? Or some
kind of serial console?

When you try to do boot the server PC, do you have any
direct control over booting (i. e., console)? Is it
possible that you post the exact relevant error messages
to this list?

>        We tried  as per your instruction by entering single user mode we
> tried to boot -s in loader prompt it didnot work

This strange statement raises two questions:

1. How did you try to boot into single-user mpde?

2. When you tried it, what exactly did happen?

For reference purposes:



For single-user mode, you need to interrupt automatic
booting, and at the loader prompt, "boot -s" is the
command that will bring up the system in single-user
mode, and finally stop at the shell selection prompt.
Press ENTER at the /bin/sh prompt, "fsck" to make sure
your filesystems are okay, then "mount -a" to mount
them, and finally "mount -o rw /" to make / accessible
for possible writes - which you need when you edit
/etc/rc.conf (with "ee /etc/rc.conf"), checking for
errors in that file.

>        we did fsck it works all files seems ok

This makes sure the filesystems are consistent - good!

However, my suspicion still is that there is a problem
in /etc/rc.conf. Can you mount the partition where /etc
is located on (usually /, the boot partition) on a
different system and check the content of /etc/rc.conf?

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