OT-Unicode character to metafont?

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 02:51:16 UTC 2018

Dear fellow FreeBSD users,

If one is to include a Unicode character in a latex document one needs to
typeset it with xelatex.  Xelatex is only available for texlive.  I prefer
to use latex+dvips+ps2pdf to process documents.  I want to include a
soccerball character in a Tex/latex document next to a soccer player's
name.  There is a character available


Sorry for the m here, but sending this from Android phone.  I would like to
kindly ask if there is a way to convert that character to metafont and
include it in my documents?  I have tried creating a soccerball using
metapost, but have not succeeded.  I have tried tikz/pgf but not all my
machines have texlive-full nor the Unicode characters.  It seems to me that
metafont would be the best option, but how to use the specs to generate
it.  There is Java code in


But it only works in creating an exact ball but for a web browser with
Java/jre or openjdk available.

An example for this world cup would be

Cristiano Ronaldo \sb \sb \sb because he scored 3 goals
Denis Cheryshev \sb \sb \sb \sb
4 goals
Lionel Messi \sb \sb
2 goals,

This way xelatex would not be needed \sb is a soccerball character in
metafont.  I have tried converting the character to an EPS file and
including the graphic, but it does not look nice.  It would look nice in
html, but it would be nicer using the power of \TeX{} or \LaTeX{}.

Best Regards,


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