The recommended LaTeX port?

Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Aug 20 09:12:12 UTC 2018

Norman Gray wrote:
> > Which is *the* \LaTeX distribution for FreeBSD currently?
> I don't know specifically about the 'for FreeBSD' part, but I can make a 
> couple of points about (La)TeX variants.  TeXLive is currently the 
> dominant TeX distribution.  The canonical source of that is 
> <>.


> You might be interested, Victor, in xe(la)tex or lua(la)tex, which are 
> also in TeXLive.  These are two friendly forks of TeX which use Unicode 
> internally -- so the source file can be cyrilllic with no 
> \usepackage{inputenc} complications.
> Both XeTeX and LuaTeX also use platform fonts, rather than only TeX or 
> postscript fonts, which can be very convenient, if you're not concerned 
> with making your source document portable.  There are a few interesting 
> features which are unique to either XeTeX or LuaTeX -- both of these 
> are, in a sense, the laboratories of the TeX world -- but the fonts 
> capability which they both have is the one that most people are 
> interested in.
> If your goal is to produce documents with Cyrillic content, as 
> painlessly as possible, 


> than I think you'd be best using XeTeX or 
> LuaTeX, and restraining yourself from doing anything fancy with fonts.

Thanks for the insight, Norman! 

Are XeTeX and LuaTeX also in the FreeBSD ports collection? I've just
installed print/texlive-full, are they part thereof?

> ShareLaTeX was acquired by a little while ago.  That
> brings the number of such services, that I'm aware of, down to one.

I've just received an E-mail from Dr. LianTze Lim of Overleaf Support,
with recommendations about enabling Cyrillic. They were very useful.

Victor Sudakov,  VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN

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