Can anyone see my posts to these lists?

Quartz quartz at
Thu Mar 23 18:14:41 UTC 2017

OK, thanks for responding everyone. Between this and my recent issues 
with people at the local university not responding to me I've been 
paranoid that my mail is being blocked somehow.

> I think the lack of answers is possibly due to people not really getting
> what you're asking about.

Yeah, I figured it was probably too technical for -questions which is 
why I tried asking -net first, but two messages over a week and so far 

>If you know you need multicast then
> you will want to add appropriate filter rules.  If you don't know you
> need it, then you probably don't need to worry about it.

Security is the major concern in this instance. I'd like to lock things 
down as much as possible and suppress malicious/rogue software, but 
without "breaking the internet" by stopping clients from watching 
streaming video and such. For example, we don't connect through 
carrier-grade-NAT, but it's unclear to me if that means it's safe to 
block the range or if that will prevent us from obtaining an 
external address initially.

> As for 6to4 traffic: don't bother with 6to4 locally unless you have a
> specific problem to solve.

The range is designated as 6to4 relay lookup. I'm not sure 
exactly what this does, but since our external connection doesn't yet 
support ipv6 I'm also not sure if we would use this or under what 
circumstances (and therefore if it's safe to block or not).

If -net isn't responding and this is out of the scope of -questions, can 
you suggest another mailing list or web forum somewhere where I might be 
able to find help?

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