Can anyone see my posts to these lists?

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Thu Mar 23 17:37:52 UTC 2017

On 2017/03/23 17:09, Quartz wrote:
> I've tried posting twice now to -net and again to -questions. According
> to my posts are going through and show up in the
> archive, but I've yet to get a single response to any of them. Can
> anyone actually see this message I'm typing now?

You are coming through loud and clear.

I think the lack of answers is possibly due to people not really getting
what you're asking about.

Hmmm... Firewall rules to drop multicast traffic shouldn't be too
difficult.  Not sure about matching 6to4 addresses.

However in each case the real question is 'should you filter these out?'
To which the only possible answer is "maybe".

Multicast traffic can be useful, but lots of networks are not configured
to route it properly, so it tends to get dumped out your default route
and never bother your hosts at all.  If you know you need multicast then
you will want to add appropriate filter rules.  If you don't know you
need it, then you probably don't need to worry about it.

As for 6to4 traffic: don't bother with 6to4 locally unless you have a
specific problem to solve.  Most networkable things will cope with IPv6
nowadays, and if your network is IPv6 enabled, just configure everything
on it to use IPv6 natively and don't bother with 6to4 on your router.
Otherwise (if you're stuck in the past), stick to IPv4 only and turn off
IPv6 support.  As for remote contacts using 6to4?  That's their problem,
which will not affect you and which you do not need to worry about.



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