moving podriere to new SSD

Matthias Apitz guru at
Sun May 29 10:28:17 UTC 2016

El día Sunday, May 22, 2016 a las 10:50:42AM -0500, Brandon J. Wandersee escribió:

> Matthias Apitz writes:
> > My questions is: what would be best form to format ada1 to a files
> > system for this to get most speed out of it?
> With an SSD it won't really matter. You won't notice any difference
> between UFS and ZFS. But regardless: compilation speed is dependent on
> the CPU, not your disk; and by default Poudriere performs some of its
> work in RAM, which is already faster than an SSD. I wouldn't expect to
> see a huge speed increase from Poudriere after moving its directories to
> an SSD. If Poudriere is configured to extract distfiles and prepare
> ports on disk rather than in RAM, that would speed up, but that's
> probably about it.
> Of course you could always move the entire system to the SSD, since it
> would have plenty of spare room. While Poudriere wouldn't run
> drastically faster, everything else would, and you could use the extra
> space on the HDD for any data you might want to store.

I have now moved /usr/local/poudriere to the SSD and I'm building the
same jail release r292778 and the same ports r414411, but for i386
architecture. While on the old harddisk the average was 10 ports built
per hour, it is now around 70 ports per hour, running 3 builders.
Ofc, one has to note also that the distfiles are all already there.


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