FreeBSD ZFS snapshots and "previous versions"

Dennis Steinkamp dennis at
Tue Mar 29 23:28:06 UTC 2016

Am 30.03.2016 um 00:22 schrieb Matthew Seaman:
> Not sure exactly what you're expecting from these snapshots...

Pretty much what OmniOS did for me. The "kernel mode" CIFS 
implementation enabled me to access zfs snapshots
through the previous versions tab under a windows client machine. (no 
additional configuration required)
That made it very convenient to see all the created snapshots for a 
certain directory and to roll back to a specific one if need arises.
I would like to do the same just with FreeBSD and - i assume - probably 

As this feature is baked into kernel mode cifs i am not sure how to 
start at achieving the same with freebsd + samba4 and my question was 
more or less wild guessing that i probably
need to create a samba share for a .zfs directory to make it appear 
under the previuos versions tab on windows but maybe i am totally wrong 
here, i just wanted to point out that i tried to think about it on my 
own before bothering you guys^^



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