FreeBSD ZFS snapshots and "previous versions"

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Tue Mar 29 22:22:23 UTC 2016

On 29/03/2016 22:42, Dennis Steinkamp wrote:
> Yeah, i know about FreeNAS and it`s great dont get me wrong but its
> often a little bit behind the most recent
> freebsd versions and i`d like to do this in a more "puristic" approach.

Heh.  The latest release of FreeNAS uses FreeBSD 10.3 -- but FreeBSD
10.3-RELEASE has itself not yet been published.  That's pretty up to
date with the latest FreeBSD releases if you ask me.

However, yes, sure.  You can do what you want with a basic FreeBSD
install and a few bits of software from ports.

> I always thought that FreeNAS doesn`t support snapshots through previous
> versions properly.
> Did that change in any way with Samba4?

Not sure exactly what you're expecting from these snapshots.  Yes, you
can export a ZFS to mount onto a Windows server via Samba.  You will
have the ability to make snapshots galore on the server, and even to
turn those snapshots into cloned filesystems or mount the snapshots.

I have no idea if you can export a snapshot for any sort of remote mount
-- you can certainly export a cloned fileesystem for that purpose, or
you can send the snapshotted ZFS to another machine for backup.



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