FreeBSD ZFS snapshots and "previous versions"

Brandon J. Wandersee brandon.wandersee at
Tue Mar 29 16:39:15 UTC 2016

Dennis Steinkamp writes:

> That being said i got a few questions for you guys:
> - Are OmniOS and FreeBSD are on the same ZFS version (or at least equal 
> feature wise)
> - Am i able to build a prooduction stable zfs filer with freebsd that 
> supports zfs snapshots for windows clients the same way OmniOS does.

You're looking for (a) a web interface users can access; and (b) Windows
network mounts. Is that right? Or did I miss something?

The current FreeBSD implementation of ZFS does not yet support native
SMB/CIFS exports, but it is indeed possible to use SAMBA. As for the web
interface, have a look at FreeNAS and NAS4Free. The former is developed
by ix Systems; the latter is a community-driven project. Both are built
on, yet independent of FreeBSD. FreeNAS is about to release a new
version based on FreeBSD 10.3, which (as of today) is the latest
production-ready release.

And while I didn't look too closely at Napp-it/OmniOS, since it is
Illumos-based I would guess it has a slightly newer ZFS/zpool version
than FreeBSD does. But I would think FreeBSD almost certainly has
everything you would expect to use in your day-to-day.


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