And what about ipv6_defaultrouter?

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st> Hiroki Sato [2016-06-10 22:50 +0900] :
st> >  A router does not accept RAs (more strictly, default route
st> >  information in RA) because it is a sender of RAs.  However, some
st> >  devices such as CPE need to behave like a host for the uplink and a
st> >  router for the LAN.  In that case, an interface on the WAN side has
st> >  to accept RAs and one on the LAN side has to send RAs.
st> >
st> >  On FreeBSD, there is a knob to support it.  Set the following
st> >  variable to rc.conf in addition to your current configuration:
st> >
st> >   ipv6_cpe_wanif="vtnet0"
st> Thanks a lot for pointing that out! I think I read about the variable
st> somewhere but I was not sure what it actually does. Is there some place
st> where I can find more detailed explanation about rc.conf and sysctl
st> settings except man?

 Unfortunately there is no documentation other than manual page
 because this is a bit tricky.  rc.conf(5) explains as follows:


      (str) If the variable is set to an interface name, the
      ifconfig(8) options ``inet6 -no_radr accept_rtadv'' will be
      added to the specified interface automatically before evalu-
      ating ifconfig_<interface>_ipv6, and two sysctl(8) variables
      net.inet6.ip6.rfc6204w3 and net.inet6.ip6.no_radr will be set to

      This means the specified interface will accept ICMPv6 Router
      Advertisement messages on that link and add the discovered
      routers into the Default Router List.  While the other inter-
      faces can still accept RA messages if the ``inet6 accept_rtadv''
      option is specified, adding routes into the Default Router List
      will be disabled by ``inet6 no_radr'' option by default.  See
      ifconfig(8) for more details.

      Note that ICMPv6 Router Advertisement messages will be accepted
      even when net.inet6.ip6.forwarding is 1 (packet forwarding is
      enabled) when net.inet6.ip6.rfc6204w3 is set to 1.

      Default is ``NO''.

-- Hiroki
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