And what about ipv6_defaultrouter?

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Fri Jun 10 19:18:32 UTC 2016

Hiroki Sato [2016-06-10 22:50 +0900] :

>  A router does not accept RAs (more strictly, default route
>  information in RA) because it is a sender of RAs.  However, some
>  devices such as CPE need to behave like a host for the uplink and a
>  router for the LAN.  In that case, an interface on the WAN side has
>  to accept RAs and one on the LAN side has to send RAs.
>  On FreeBSD, there is a knob to support it.  Set the following
>  variable to rc.conf in addition to your current configuration:
>   ipv6_cpe_wanif="vtnet0"

Thanks a lot for pointing that out! I think I read about the variable
somewhere but I was not sure what it actually does. Is there some place
where I can find more detailed explanation about rc.conf and sysctl
settings except man?

>  And, $rtsold_enable is not required unless you want to get DNS server
>  information from RAs.

Okay, great. I did not know that.

Very nice layout for writing emails by the way.

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