And what about ipv6_defaultrouter?

Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff stdin at
Fri Jun 10 20:50:36 UTC 2016

Hiroki Sato [2016-06-11 05:37 +0900] :

>  Unfortunately there is no documentation other than manual page
>  because this is a bit tricky.  rc.conf(5) explains as follows:
> ----
>    ipv6_cpe_wanif
>       (str) If the variable is set to an interface name, the
>       ifconfig(8) options ``inet6 -no_radr accept_rtadv'' will be
>       added to the specified interface automatically before evalu-
>       ating ifconfig_<interface>_ipv6, and two sysctl(8) variables
>       net.inet6.ip6.rfc6204w3 and net.inet6.ip6.no_radr will be set to
>       1.

So where would I start to look for further explanations on
net.inet6.ip6.rfc6204w3 and net.inet6.ip6.no_radr? sysctl.conf(5) and
sysctl(8) don't mention anything about them.

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