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> On 01/17/2016 06:04 AM, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> > It is unlikely that the base system will ever re-import a Fortran
> > compiler.  Fortran is not required to build the base system, nor is it a
> > POSIX requirement, so like all other languages in that class -- many of
> > which are of significantly greater popularity than Fortran nowadays --
> > you'll simply have to install it from ports.
> Well, one can also argue that there are tons of packages on FreeBSD
> that have nothing to do with building or maintaining the base system,
> but are desired by users, and are included.

	There are many packages but they are not in the base system as f77
once was. In FreeBSD there is a strong distinction between the base system
and the ports. Roughly speaking the base system contains only what it must
for POSIX, tradition and self hosting, anything else goes into the ports.
The tradition argument is weaker, once the games were in the base system
now they're a port.

> My suspicion is that if there is one person who has raised his/her voice
> for including something, then there are possibly many
> silent people who will not make their wishes known online, who would
> like the inclusion of that package.

	Having a package is less of an issue - all it really needs is a
maintainer for the port who will keep it up to date with upstream and make
sure it builds in each new version of FreeBSD. If nobody cares enough to do
that then eventually the port will be removed (which appears to have
happened to the f77 port).

	There will only be a usable f77 port if someone steps up and does
the work to make it happen. That person is only likely to be found among
the people who want it. Anyone is free to do so, nobody should expect
anyone else to do it. That is the nature of open software.

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