help with making DVD install disc.. 11

Ian Smith smithi at
Sun Jan 17 11:04:20 UTC 2016

On Thu, 14 Jan 2016 09:43:45 -1000, al plant wrote:
 > Aloha and Thanks Ian,
 > My biggest problem is that I only have 2 working FreeBSD Desktops (FreeBSD 8)
 > currently and the DVD CD had to be changed and I cant get either to work with
 > burncd or DVD growisofs.
 > I am going to change the CDR/DVD components to see if I can get one of them
 > to burn a good disc with FreeBSD 11 or even 10.2 .
 > I got Fiber optic service here on island last year and had to change some of
 > my  boxes to work with the new network.
 > Maybe  I have to wait untill the FreeBSD 11 RELEASE comes out. I get big
 > media and in out errors when I try to create CD or DVD.
 > Any ideas appreciated.

I used burncd for years for backups and it never let me down but I 
haven't used any optical media for ages, beyond ripping audio CDs.

Well, 10.3 doesn't look far off, and at least the later RCs should have 
packages for the DVD hopefully, early in March.  Unless you specifically 
need some features from 11, 10.3 should be an extended support release, 
and upgrading to 11 from there should be straightforward anyway.  I'm 
planning to update my stable/9 system to 10.3 sometime after the dust 
settles ..

Otherwise, can your boxes boot from USB memsticks?  I made a version 
of Darren Pilgrim's <> 
that I've used successfully a few times, if that might be helpful.

My adaptation was for 8.2-RELEASE, whose makefs had no -o label option 
as used in 9+, so I hardwired its /etc/fstab to boot from /dev/da0a.  
If your boxes are at 8.4 you could check makefs(8) for that option; if 
it was merged to 8.[34] then Darren's script should work for you as is.

One advantage of that method is that you can have it pause in the middle 
to add/change anything you want to the unpacked dvd1.iso contents before 
proceeding to make the memstick image.

Of course that's all moot for boxes too old to boot from USB devices ..

cheers, Ian

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