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Sun Jan 17 22:31:04 UTC 2016

Ian Smith wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Jan 2016 09:43:45 -1000, al plant wrote:
>  > Aloha and Thanks Ian,
>  > 
>  > My biggest problem is that I only have 2 working FreeBSD Desktops (FreeBSD 8)
>  > currently and the DVD CD had to be changed and I cant get either to work with
>  > burncd or DVD growisofs.
>  > I am going to change the CDR/DVD components to see if I can get one of them
>  > to burn a good disc with FreeBSD 11 or even 10.2 .
>  > 
>  > I got Fiber optic service here on island last year and had to change some of
>  > my  boxes to work with the new network.
>  > 
>  > Maybe  I have to wait untill the FreeBSD 11 RELEASE comes out. I get big
>  > media and in out errors when I try to create CD or DVD.
>  > 
>  > Any ideas appreciated.
> I used burncd for years for backups and it never let me down but I 
> haven't used any optical media for ages, beyond ripping audio CDs.
> Well, 10.3 doesn't look far off, and at least the later RCs should have 
> packages for the DVD hopefully, early in March.  Unless you specifically 
> need some features from 11, 10.3 should be an extended support release, 
> and upgrading to 11 from there should be straightforward anyway.  I'm 
> planning to update my stable/9 system to 10.3 sometime after the dust 
> settles ..
> Otherwise, can your boxes boot from USB memsticks?  I made a version 
> of Darren Pilgrim's <> 
> that I've used successfully a few times, if that might be helpful.
> My adaptation was for 8.2-RELEASE, whose makefs had no -o label option 
> as used in 9+, so I hardwired its /etc/fstab to boot from /dev/da0a.  
> If your boxes are at 8.4 you could check makefs(8) for that option; if 
> it was merged to 8.[34] then Darren's script should work for you as is.
> One advantage of that method is that you can have it pause in the middle 
> to add/change anything you want to the unpacked dvd1.iso contents before 
> proceeding to make the memstick image.
> Of course that's all moot for boxes too old to boot from USB devices ..
> cheers, Ian
Thanks Ian,

I'll look into trying that.

I appreciate your help and ideas. 

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