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> In een bericht van 28-2-2016 11:17:
> > No because domain names are global in scope while MAC addresses are 
> > local. 
> Mac addresses are unique (you can fake/clone them but that is another 
> topic discussion) - imho they therefore can be used globally as well?
> But saying that, it is in my case not a problem to use them locally as 
> the issue concerns my local network.
> > You can set up DHCP to issue fixed addresses based on MAC. 
> I do use DHCP and fixed combined. Using this I am familiar with; my 
> issue is identifying hardware in a network that is partitially using DHCP.

	I'm suggesting making it easy by setting up DHCP to issue fixed
addresses to the MACs you're interested in and then you can put those IP
addresses in the hosts or DNS.

	Failing that a script to take the DHCP leases and a table of MACs
and hostnames generate a hosts file insert and splice it in. I think
issueing fixed addresses is easier.

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