Solène Rapenne solene at
Sun Feb 28 10:24:56 UTC 2016

Hello, this is not possible.

If your need is only on the same local network, you can use net/avahi 
(on EVERY HOST) which will allow you to use the hostname of the machine 
+ ".local" as a domain to find it on the network.
Example, you freebsd machine with hostname "" will be 
reachable with address server1.local on your network. But avahi should 
be installed (or Bonjour on Windows if I remember well) both on the and the client to make it working.

Kind regards

Le 2016-02-28 10:54, JosC a écrit :
> Is there a wayI can link domain names to MAC addresses instead to IP 
> addresses?
> Used to give some internal harware fixed ip's and described that in my
> /etc/hosts file, but as for some I use DHCP, I cannot use that
> anymore.
> Thanks,
> Jos Chrispijn
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