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On 2/16/16 9:26 PM, Tee Bee via freebsd-questions wrote:
>   do y'all help people whose confusers are running on your stuff? I have an old Mac thats running Darwin Kernel version 10. 8 or something like that anyway. & I get stuck at the blue screen. I think its a permission issue in a folder I just don't know what folder or how to get to it. Im not a developer; a 53 year old house wife with a 10 year old Mac that I just want to have working again. Can you guys help me with your stuff and get it booting again?       Thank you in advance for your kind response.
> Tee
While it is true that parts of MacOS are sorta, kinda related to 
FreeBSD, on the whole I think that you're better off asking this 
question in a Mac oriented forum.  I would also suggest that you provide 
the Mac model, the version of MacOS (10.8?), and what it says on the 
blue screen in any query.

There are many such places, one place to start would be

--Jon Radel
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