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Wed Feb 17 14:57:15 UTC 2016

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>  do y'all help people whose confusers are running on your stuff? I have an
> old Mac thats running Darwin Kernel version 10. 8 or something like that

This is actually somewhat off-topic on this list but OS X is in great part
FreeBSD so I'll try to point you in the right direction:

Darwin is the OS version. Given the version you specify is OS X and not Mac
OS which existed up to OS 9. Starting with OS X Apple started using a
version of NextStep which was in turn based on a FreeBSD template and the
Mach kernel.


> anyway. & I get stuck at the blue screen. I think its a permission issue
> in a folder I just don't know what folder or how to get to it. Im not a
> developer; a 53 year old house wife with a 10 year old Mac that I just want
> to have working again. Can you guys help me with your stuff and get it
> booting again?       Thank you in advance for your kind response.

You would need to provide exact model. Some architectures are no longer
supported. How do you know you have 10.8 on a 2006 Mac. Up to 2006 OS X
only ran on Power PC models of the Mac.

Maybe you can take a picture of the blue screen and post it somewhere and
provide a link to it here (please do not attach the picture),


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