mouse problems on Lumina

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Tue Aug 30 22:16:15 UTC 2016

> I did not have it in /etc/rc.conf, but in some sites, they recommend
> it along with dbus_enable="YES".  I added it to see if it made a
> difference, but I will remove it again.
>>> [...] but I lose mouse functionality when I switch from firefox to a
>>> terminal and then try to switch back to firefox, the mouse pointer
>>> gets lost and looks like a capital i .
>> That cursor shape is a typical text field (input area) cursor.
>> Otherwise, you could try using X terminals instead of switching
>> to the text mode virtual terminals. (If I read your question
>> correctly, you're refering to switching "out of" and "back to" X;
>> if this problem concerns switching between xterms and Firefox...
>> well, that would really be strange.)
> I am logged in to X with lumina desktop and using xterm, xterminal.  I
> want to switch back to firefox and lose that ability.  The mouse
> pointer becomes like a capital i, If I log out of terminal(xterm) I
> get the mouse back if there are no more xterminals open.  Otherwise I
> have to close them out.

I have removed moused_enable="YES" and hald_enable="YES" as well from
/etc/rc.conf.  I get working mouse but cannot switch from firefox to
xterm, I have to quit firefox and then quit xterm and then get back to
firefox.  I want to copy from xterm and paste in browser, I am unable
to switch left and right click on the mouse do not work(respond).  I
used to be able to do this before.  How can I troubleshoot the mouse?
or do I just get a ps2 mouse and use it and see if I can switch
between apps with it?

Thanks 4 helping out,


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