font size in vt

Felix Friedlander felixphew0 at
Wed Aug 24 05:17:46 UTC 2016

> There is no such font on my 10.3 system:
> # ls /usr/share/vt/fonts/
> gallant.fnt             ter-u16n.fnt            vgarom-8x16.fnt
> ter-u14b.fnt            ter-u16v.fnt            vgarom-8x8.fnt
> ter-u14n.fnt            ter-u32b.fnt            vgarom-thin-8x16.fnt
> ter-u14v.fnt            ter-u32n.fnt            vgarom-thin-8x8.fnt
> ter-u16b.fnt            vgarom-8x14.fnt

Whoops, I forgot - it’s not in -RELEASE yet. You can download a copy of the HEX from, and build it yourself if you like.

> (the ter-* fonts are my experiment with Terminus, none of them turned
> out good enough).

I think I know where you’re going wrong with the terminus fonts. Try this way:

% vtfontcvt -w 16 -h 32 ter-u32n.bdf ter-u32b.bdf ter-u32.fnt

If this isn’t any better, let me know what the problem is, because I’m using that exact font quite happily.

Felix Friedlander <felixphew0 at>

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