font size in vt

Victor Sudakov vas at
Wed Aug 24 05:09:53 UTC 2016

Felix Friedlander wrote:


> If you just want to use a builtin font, then `gallant' is larger
> than the default font, 

But does not have Cyrillic characters.

> and `vgarom-16x32' is much larger again.

Felix, where did you get it? Can you please share it?
There is no such font on my 10.3 system:

# ls /usr/share/vt/fonts/
gallant.fnt             ter-u16n.fnt            vgarom-8x16.fnt
ter-u14b.fnt            ter-u16v.fnt            vgarom-8x8.fnt
ter-u14n.fnt            ter-u32b.fnt            vgarom-thin-8x16.fnt
ter-u14v.fnt            ter-u32n.fnt            vgarom-thin-8x8.fnt
ter-u16b.fnt            vgarom-8x14.fnt

(the ter-* fonts are my experiment with Terminus, none of them turned
out good enough).

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