erm shot my foot off with zfs, q on rescue

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Aug 22 07:10:44 UTC 2016

On 21/08/2016 01:12, Russell L. Carter wrote:
> Ok, that's a start.  I ran zpool import, which showed zroot, and then
> did zpool import -f zroot, which happily succeeded, and this blew away
> all the / mounts, so that the situation for the boot image is the same
> for the system disk.  That is, no / mounted directories are visible.
> I've rebooted the install image and looked at mounting to an existing
> directory but the mfs is read only.  Running

When you import a zpool, it will mount all of the ZFSes contained in it
and with the canmount property set to 'yes'.  So you've likely overlaid
the environment you booted from with the contents of the zpool.  That
causes some unfortunate effects -- pretty much the only thing you can do
at that point is reboot and start again.

What you need to do is import the zpool but relative to an alternative
root directory.  That's exactly what the '-R' option is for:

   # mkdir /tmp/zroot
   # zpool import -R /tmp/zroot zroot

Once imported, you will be able to fix the mountpoints in the ZFS
metadata, but remember that ZFS will automatically remount ZFSes as soon
as you change the mountpoint settings.



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