Facing a strange problem

Manish Jain bourne.identity at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 18 00:46:18 UTC 2016

Thanks for responding. Please cc me in future replies, because it makes things much easier for posting further for the thread.

What is a "CPU fan ram"? Do you mean you also swapped the RAM, or you
put a fan on your RAM for some reason....?

Sorry, I meant "CPU fan + DDR3 RAM". The CPU/CPU fan is AMD A6-6400K Richland, while the RAM is DDR3 Hyundai

What's your CPU activity/frequency/clocking doing when this happens? Is
there any other correlation to CPU activity? Is there a correlation to
holding the mouse button(s) down?

I know no way of generating CPU stats. If you can give me the command[s], I can run them to get suitable output for CPU activity.

There is no relation to clicking the mouse button; the only clear relation is to mouse movement - specifically, hovering and moving among the categories in the Gnome applications menu. At that stage, the mouse cursor tends to remain glued for 1-2 seconds to the old category and the noise becomes most disturbing till the time the new category gets populated. I have no idea why moving among the categories has become so painful; on my old hardware, this was never a problem.

That's part of your new motherboard, right? Is your new board an
identical model to your old one? Because if your old board had different
hardware and you had the sound back then, its unlikely the new board
would do the same thing.

Yes, the Radeon chipset is part of the new motherboard, which is of a new model entirely. The noise with the old hardware was similar but not exactly the same; but equally disturbing. The more I think, I am inclined to believe it is the PSU which needs to be upgraded too. The current PSU was part of a fairly expensive Cooler Master cabinet purchased 4 years ago. To be frank, I have no way of knowing for certain now whether the PSU was part of cabinet as shipped by CM, or was a cheap one installed by the folks who assembled my system then. If the folks installed their own PSU, it signicantly increases chances that the PSU is crapping out.

Does the machine make the noise when just looking at the BIOS (or BIOS
equivalent)? If so, you can try powering it on without the drive.

A very nice idea. I will try it and debug with that. But first, I think it is time for a new PSU.

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