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Sun Aug 7 17:23:00 UTC 2016

Le 2016-08-07 17:24, Manish Jain a écrit :
> Hi, A few days back, I migrated a few Windows systems to FreeBSD at a
> company that belongs to a friend of mine. My friend likes FreeBSD so
> much now that he has asked me to see if I can migrate his DNS and mail
> server in-house on a dedicated FreeBSD system. Currently, these
> services are being provided by an external agency (using Linux, I
> believe). My friend has a couple of public IP addresses to spare.
> About 10 years back, I had set up a qmail server on FreeBSD 5.4. There
> was a very nice how-to available, and I managed to get qmail serving
> all on my own. I have no idea what the situation looks like right now
> - about a year back, things were bad w.r.t. qmail - as per developers,
> the system was not working as intended on FreeBSD. I am looking for a
> good advice for some easy-to-setup mail server solution for FreeBSD
> 10.3. Is qmail still the easiest thing to set up for mail, or there is
> something better than that ? I keep security concerns for the mail
> server solution at a low level - fo
>  r me, the thing has to be easy to set up and maintain, rather than
> worry too much about eavesdropping/MITM.
> Thanks for any advice. Manish Jain
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Hello, you will need a SMTP server like Postfix or OpenSMTPD. You will 
also need to care with DKIM signing and SPF in your DNS. By running your 
own mail server you may also have problems to send mails to big 
companies like gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc... because they tend to 
blacklist large range of IP and it's hard to get removed on this list.

Also, you will have to provide IMAP(S) (+ POP(S) if you want) with 

If you need a webmail, see rainloop which is in PHP and act much like a 
dumb imap client from the web very little code on the server, or 
roundcube but this one needs more configuration and requires server side 
resources (caching, saving data etc..).

Later you may need to fight against spam with greylisting and 

Running a mail server nowadays isn't very straightforward :(

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