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Check out: The TTY/TDD machines commonly found make use of different signaling systems and protocols than the modem you likely have supports. You might get lucky, though. If your modem does support TTY/TDD protocols you can use cu or tip just fine.

If you are in the US, there are plenty of charities than can provide you a TTY/TDD machine free of charge. They are given out to deaf and speech impaired individuals, so you would qualify. I used to volunteer at one-such charity, running their IT systems.


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> On Aug 6, 2016, at 13:16, "un_x at" <un_x at> wrote:
> I suffered a stroke a while back, and one of the
> effects was that it impaired my speech to the point
> where all of these automated answering services
> cannot understand my answers to their questions.
> Even simple yes/no or numbers or whatever they ask.
> And I see that many have TTY numbers for deaf people,
> and I'm not deaf, but I was thinking maybe I could
> make use of them.
> Does anyone know if 'cu(1)' can be used?  I do have
> a normal 33.6 modem connected to a phone line, and
> I tried to research and study to find out how this
> may be possible, but I couldn't find clear and
> definitive information, but it did seem like TTY
> is just a normal dialup connection with a very
> slow baud rate.  I guess they also have special
> TTY machines, but that is beyond my immediate
> ability; without getting into too many details.
> If anyone can help, thanks!
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