no beep any more (SOLVED)

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Wed Aug 3 19:17:01 UTC 2016

El día Wednesday, August 03, 2016 a las 09:27:40AM -0400, James B. Byrne escribió:

> On Tue, August 2, 2016 11:59, Ian Smith wrote:
> l glad you managed to solve it, despite our 'help' :)
> >
> > Two questions: Do values apart than 50 provide different beep volumes,
> > or is it off/on?  And does 'kldload speaker ; spkrtest' work with it?
> >
> I am guessing that 50:50 is the balance between right and left.  So 0
> :0 is nothing. 50:00 might be 50% left 0% right and so forth.

yes, correctly

> Are values greater than 100 permitted?

no, this is a percentage value; check mixer(1) man page;

btw: I have here some funny dialog from the ChromeOS forum where I asked
for some help, not about software but hardware of the C720; it seems
that they do not like that FreeBSD is installed on their beloved
Chromebook :-)

funny to read:!topic/chromebook-central/-MXyMACfcCU;context-place=forum/chromebook-central

Matthias said:


The (high-resolution) picture of the mother board of the C720, which can
be found here
shows right of the screw 7 a black 2-wire cable, connected to the
motherboard and ending below in some black cylinder. Is this cylinder
the PC-speaker of the C720 (I'm not talking about the stereo laud
speakers) and if so, of which type/manufacture it is? Or is this some
kind of backup battery?

Jim Dantin said:

It's a capacitor that is too large to fit on the circuit board, so they
mounted it on a cable. You can see a second cable with two capacitors
directly above the battery to the left of screw 6.

Replacement ones are commonly available on eBay if you need one.


powermatt said:

In addition to what Jim said; we don't support alternative uses of
Chrome OS hardware for the same reason we don't support third-party
applications; there's no way we could ever cover or know about every
possible interaction of Chrome OS hardware and software. It's not a
reasonable expectation.

Matthias said:

Well, I say thanks for all the comments, the helping ones and the
others, and I could solve the problem with a simple command 'mixer igain 50'.
Re/ the word 'Chromebook', I think that the Acer C720 is such a nice
hardware that it deserves something better than ChromeOS.

powermatt said:

It seems to me you should have purchased a device that better suits
your needs, rather than trying to force a Chromebook to be something it
is not.

Matthias said:

Wrong conclusion of my post; the Acer C720 is one of the best netbooks
I ever purchased and it works fine with FreeBSD.

powermatt said:

You are of course entitled to your opinion.

As this topic does not cover a supported use of the hardware, I am
going to lock it here.

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