Root on ZFS, FreeBSD and Linux back and forth

Rares Vernica rvernica at
Tue Aug 2 15:17:08 UTC 2016


I have two hard drives. One has root-on-ZFS created by FreeBSD (on
installation) and one with Linux. I wonder if it is safe and reliable to
use the root-on-ZFS disk back and forth between FreeBSD and Linux. On Linux
I plan to use ZFS-on-Linux. Both FreeBSD and ZFS-on-Linux seem to use
version 5000.

To import the zpool in Linux, it seems it needs to be forced. FreeBSD does
not export it on shutdown and I am not sure how or if I should do it.

How would FreeBSD deal with the zpool if it notices that Linux imported it?
Will FreeBSD force the import on boot? Do I have to take special
precautions for FreeBSD to import the ZFS disk and boot from it once Linux
has touched it?

Also, is ZFS-on-Linux trustworthy enough not to mess up the disk?


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