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El día Thursday, July 28, 2016 a las 04:25:21PM +0200, Matthias Apitz escribió:

> >  > > Usually the hardware for these in laptops is a simple piezo speaker, 
> >  > > commonly with red and blue wires, likely driven by a single TTL or CMOS 
> >  > > buffer.  While piezo speakers are pretty hard (but not impossible) to 
> >  > > destroy, I've had a laptop where one wire has become detached, so if 
> >  > > it's not too hard to get in there to check, that may be worthwhile .. if 
> >  > > so it's likely a simple fix, either by soldering or replacement.
> >  > > 
> >  > > ...

I have had a chat in some forum about Chromebooks. The people there are
not willing to help further because "...we only support plain vanilla
ChromeOS at this forum." Full thread here:!topic/chromebook-central/-MXyMACfcCU;context-place=forum/chromebook-central

At least someone pointed out that these devices only have stereo audio
speakers (which do fine in my case) and no other "pc speaker" on
motherboard. As the speakers do fine, this must be some problem in our
FreeBSD kernel / audio driver, not sending the printf '\7' to the audio


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