Ports upgrade script

JosC bsduser at cloudzeeland.nl
Sat Apr 16 16:31:02 UTC 2016

In een bericht van 16-4-2016 16:41:
> The usual approach is to use portmaster or portupgrade to upgrade your
> installed ports.
> To install a new port you do what you've always done, go to the port's
> directory under /usr/ports and type make install.

I feel a complete idiot now as this proves I was still using two 
different systems next to each other (if it works don't break it) for 
some years now.

Now created a cronned batch for ports only:

(1) Unattended (cron'd)

cd /letc
portmaster --clean-distfiles --no-confirm
portsnap fetch update
portmaster -L
pkg version -l "<"

(2) Only manual/in interactive mode:

cd /usr/local/etc
portmaster -y --clean-distfiles
portmaster -y --clean-packages
portmaster -y --check-depends
portmaster -a


Thanks all for you input - it really was an eye opener.
BR, Jos Chrispijn

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