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Sat Apr 16 15:20:48 UTC 2016

On Sat, 16 Apr 2016 16:34:16 +0200, JosC wrote:
> In een bericht van 16-4-2016 12:18:
> >
> > Portsnap isn't compatible with svn.
> >
> So I think I should revise the way I update my ports.
> What I did with my 9.3 BSD was the following script (which worked 
> perfectly):
> !/bin/sh
> cd /local/user/etc
> svn update /usr/src
> svn update /usr/ports
> #
> cd /usr/ports
> make fetchindex
> portsdb -fu
> #
> #
> cd /usr/local/etc
> portupgrade -na
> #
> So this part I replaced now with:
> portsnap fetch update
> kind of lost how to continue now...

Your script does _more_ than just update installed ports. It also
updates the OS sources, but it does _not_ upgrade the OS according
to those sources.

If that's what you intend, try the following:

# update OS sources
svn update /usr/src
# update ports tree
svn update /usr/ports
make fetchindex
portsdb -fu
# upgrade all installed ports
portupgrade -na

You can exchange 

	# update ports tree
	svn update /usr/ports

with the following:

	# update ports tree
	portsnap fetch extract

But you should keep _one_ of those two methods. It's usually wise to
start with an empty /usr/ports directory and have the desired tool
populate it for the first time, then apply changes on further runs.

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