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Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Apr 11 15:31:55 UTC 2016

On 2016/04/11 08:04, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> from Harrish Jeyabalu:
>> Hi Freebsd Team,
>> Good Day, I have a query regarding NAT64 with Tayga. We are using the
>> Freebsd version 4.2 and we are in need of implementing NAT64 using Tayga.
>> It would be useful if you can give some pointers regarding
>> - Which version Freebsd implements NAT64?
>> - If so which software it uses for NAT64 (like Tayga?)
>> - And could you please share the docs if any for Tayga implementation/usage
>> in Freebsd.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Regards and Thanks,
>> Harrish.S.J
> FreeBSD 4.2 is an ancient release, long past end of life!
> Current release version is 10.3, and there is also HEAD (current).
> I hever heard of Tayga regarding computer software, couldn't even find anything on Wikipedia.  But there is a reference to TAYGA if you look in Wikipedia on NAT64:
> NAT64 relates to IPv6, and I don't think anybody ever heard of IPv6 at the time of FreeBSD 4.2.

The OP is referring to this:

Certainly, FreeBSD 4.2 is *way* too old to work.  The ports doesn't
support anything much before 9.3-RELEASE nowadays -- I'd always choose
the latest available stable release for any new project.

Neither FreeBSD itself, nor any of the software bundled with the base
system, apparently supports NAT64 at the moment.  (At least, I couldn't
find anything saying it does, and plenty saying it doesn't).  There's
some mention of pfsense supporting NAT64 but I haven't confirmed that.
(pfsense is a firewall system based on FreeBSD.)

Tayga is add-on software separate to the OS, which you should simply be
able to install with pkg(8) on a recent (and supported) version of FreeBSD.



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