Reg NAT64 Tayga Query

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Mon Apr 11 07:04:37 UTC 2016

from Harrish Jeyabalu:

> Hi Freebsd Team,

> Good Day, I have a query regarding NAT64 with Tayga. We are using the
> Freebsd version 4.2 and we are in need of implementing NAT64 using Tayga.
> It would be useful if you can give some pointers regarding

> - Which version Freebsd implements NAT64?
> - If so which software it uses for NAT64 (like Tayga?)
> - And could you please share the docs if any for Tayga implementation/usage
> in Freebsd.

> Thanks in advance.

> Regards and Thanks,
> Harrish.S.J

FreeBSD 4.2 is an ancient release, long past end of life!

Current release version is 10.3, and there is also HEAD (current).

I hever heard of Tayga regarding computer software, couldn't even find anything on Wikipedia.  But there is a reference to TAYGA if you look in Wikipedia on NAT64:

NAT64 relates to IPv6, and I don't think anybody ever heard of IPv6 at the time of FreeBSD 4.2.


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